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Mar 22, 2013

Windows on the River Buffet at Aquarius - Another Visit

Review of the Buffet/Brunch at the Windows on the River Buffet

We last visited the Windows On The River Buffet at Aquarius Resort and Casino last September for a Sunday Brunch.  That visit was semi-disappointing. Read about it here.

This time we went on a Saturday (mid morning) for the Brunch.  This was the day of the Reba on the River Concert, which may have been the reason there was a long wait and line way out into the Casino.   Luckily, we got to use the preferred VIP line (for Green or Red ACE Players Cards) and were seated almost right away.  If not for that, we would not have waited.

You get two free drinks with Brunch at the little bar that is set off to the side.  Once again, as on previous visits, no one bothered to tell us this.   Choices are champagne, beer, or wine.   We got the Mimosas, Coffee, and a Mr. Pibb (Dr. Pepper's brother who didn't go to college).  Perhaps because of the larger crowd the food was fresher than the last visit.  Basically it is still a standard buffet.   They do have two omelet stations.  These are nice, the line for them was a bit long though.   

Highlights that people in our party most enjoyed:   
-The carved Ham (this was the only meat on the carving board).  
-The omelet station
-The chicken wings (hot sauce served on the side)
-Biscuits with Sausage Gravy (skip the Chicken Fried Steak thing, it was dry)
-Breakfast potatoes 
-Toronados (Raspberry and Cream Cheese filled)
-The BBQ Ribs (very tender, fall off the bone), however, several people didn't care for the sauce. That is mostly a matter of personal preference though. 
-Salad Bar and Fruit was fresh enough. 
-Mini Belgian Waffles (these were good if you grabbed them fresh in the bin)
-French Toast (same deal as the Waffles)

Just a few of the items off the Brunch

Other choices that were adequate:
-Eggs Benedict.  Better this time than last but small.
-Potato Bar - Make your own baked potato

Low points 
-Eggs were bland
-Sausage was ok, but again was brown and serve type
-Bacon, some of it was good, other pieces were not cooked enough in the bin.
-Breads weren't super fresh
-Cheese Blintzes, expected them to be good but they had little flavor, maybe had sat too long
-Soups were just ok

The counters surrounding the salad bar, soup, bread stations were sort of messy with spills.  They need to be more diligent in cleaning up a bit faster.   The main food bars were kept much cleaner. 

The desserts were also better this time than the last visit.  Fresher.  Wide assortment of pies, cakes, custard, donuts, cupcakes, cookies, apple crisp, sugar free choices, and fat free yogurt.  No chocolate dipped strawberries again though!  They need to bring them back, this was a favorite.   Favorites (from our party) from the dessert included the Cupcakes, cheesecake, and the donuts (described as a chocolate cloud).  For some reason most of the pics we snapped were of the dessert (see below).

Service was pretty good considering how busy they were.  Maybe a bit too fast.  When we went for a second trip to the Buffet one of the employees started to bus our table.  They must of believed we had left.  One member of our party was just returning to it when she was about to finish clearing it.  She did apologize profusely and replace our drinks she had whisked away.  We have never had that happen in years of going to Buffets.  

View of the section overlooking the River.  Not viewable from the other section. 

The view from the Buffet is very nice if you can get seated over by the Window overlooking the River.  On this day there was a Special Event in that section so we could not.   

The cost for the Windows on the River Buffet Brunch is currently $10.99 (for Orange, Green, or Red ACE Player Cards) and $13.19 (blue ACE Player Cards).  If you don't have a card it is $14.65.  Cards are free. Even if you don't play or plan to you can get a Blue Card at the Customer Service area.   It was nice to see the prices had not risen (from the last time we were there) as they have at two other local Buffets. 

The Brunch runs from 7am - 3pm.   

Saturday is Prime Rib and Crab Legs Dinner night on the Buffet.  This starts at 4PM to 10PM after the Champagne brunch ends.  Prices go up:
$16.99  Orange, Green, Red Cards
$20.39  Blue Cards
$22.65  No card
Beer, wine, margaritas included. 

Overall for the price ($10.99) we were satisfied.  If we had to pay the higher price, maybe not so much. Either way, if you like brunches and buffets, this is a pretty good one for Laughlin.  They do allow you to use comps off the Players card if you have them. 

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