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Sep 12, 2014

Buffalo's in FatBurger Laughlin

Laughlin, Nevada

Buffalo's is now a part of the Laughlin, NV Fatburger at the Riverside Casino.

The weather was a bit cooler one morning and we took a walk on the Riverwalk toward the Riverside Casino.

Laughlin Riverwalk and Colorado River leading to the Riverside Casino
We noticed the Fatburger sign on the Riverwalk was different and included "Buffalo's".

Sign on the Riverwalk
We had never heard of it.  So, we headed over to the Riverside by the Riverwalk entrance.

Margaritas for $1.25...not on Friday or Saturday, of course.
Had to maneuver past the crowd of seniors milling around. sitting in chairs, and drinking $1.25 Margarita's as they waited for their tour bus.

It was too early (for us anyway) to eat a Buffalo Wing but we did see the menu.  Buffalo's is served at the same counter as FatBurger.  From a quick search it looks like FatBurger and Buffalo's Cafe created a partnership.   Having only eaten at FatBurger a couple times, we never noticed one that had a Buffalo's in it as well. 

If you have tried the wings, send us a note in the comments below or come over and join our Facebook group here and tell us about it.  

We plan to give it a try sometime.  When we do a review will be shared.  Prices are a bit higher than we would like to see at over a dollar a wing even in larger quantities.  Perhaps they are worth it. Time will tell how well this is received in this location in Laughlin.    

We did notice that the Emerald City Smoothie that went in at the same time FatBurger opened now seems closed.  The menu was gone and no one at the counter on that side. This must of turned out to not be the ideal location to cater to a smoothie crowd. 

No more smoothies

Other fast food - food court type choices in the Riverside include Cinnabon, Dreyers Ice Cream, and a Pizza Hut Express. 



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  1. I truly hope the chicken is not from Tyson...

  2. Considering the pricing, shouldn't be, but couldn't find the info anywhere.