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Sep 5, 2014

GoldDiggers Fails Health Inspection in Laughlin

Laughlin, NV

We came across a notice that the "Sports Bar @ Tarzans Bar" located at 2300 S. Casino Drive in Laughlin had been Closed by the Southern Nevada Health District on August 31, 2014.   See the screenshot from the SNHD website:

The Golden Nugget Laughlin is located at 2300 S. Casino Drive in Laughlin.  The SNHD must be using the old Tarzan name in their records.  This is now the new Gold Diggers club.    

The Gold Diggers Club apparently does serve stadium food during games, according to their ad below.  

Graphic from the Golden Nugget Laughlin FB page posted on 9/4/2014
In the Entertainer magazine (Sept 3-9 issue) the Golden Nugget listing for Gold Diggers Lounge said they had food specials, including sliders, fries,chicken tenders, popcorn shrimp, a 1 lb. junkyard dog, hotwings, nachos, etc. 

We have heard of and seen them hosting private events/gatherings where food has been served. Primarily, however, it appears to be a club and night and sports bar.   

Below are the violations listed which apparently contributed to it being closed on August 31st with 34 demerits. Reading the violations shows some serious issues.  (Click on images for a larger view)

Previous inspections show they received a B with 18 demerits on July 4, 2014 followed by an even worse C with 23 demerits on the Re-Inspection on July 29, 2014.  

When we were at the Golden Nugget, as of September 5th, Gold Diggers was open.  If in fact, the closure report was for them it is probable they had a quick re-inspection, and passed, and it has not yet been listed on the Southern Nevada Health District Website.   We will keep an eye on it and post any updates. 

You can visit the  SNHD  website io look up restaurants in Laughlin or anywhere in Southern Nevada. There is a search feature.  For Laughlin use Zipcode 89029.   Keep in mind, once a restaurant has a re-inspection the original list of violations is no longer viewable. 

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*All content in this blog post are presented for informational purposes only and use data taken from the Southern Nevada Health District website.   We received no compensation from the properties or restaurants in this blog post and are not in any way affiliated with them.  


  1. Good Grief! I don't understand how any restaurant cannot adhere to the "health rules" for food handling, etc. Even in our own homes, we know more and more about food safety, and we don't even have health department inspections.

    Thanks, Laughlin Buzz, for doing a great job on your site. I'm a SoCal resident, but we have a place in Laughlin and come here at least once a month. I make a point of reading your blogs to keep up with the new things happening around town, (much better than the Laughlin Times) and really appreciate the time it t akes to review, write, post pictures, etc.

    As an aside, after we had eaten at Albertos (in the residential area of Laughlin) I read your article about its shutting down because of all their demerits. Oh my gosh! I thought my chile relleno tasted like a fish fry (guess they DIDN'T change the deep fry oil, did they?)

    Thanks again for all your efforts, and I love the new pictures of the Diamond Lounge at Harrah's! Laughlin could be so much more than it is. Too bad.

  2. LibertyBelle,
    Thank you for the kind words and the comment. We appreciate it!