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Sep 25, 2014

Guy Fieri's New Laughlin Restaurant Update

Laughlin, Nevada

Harrah's Laughlin

Update:  12-22-2014    Sneak Peek at the El Burro Borracho menu and restaurant opening soon at Harrah's Laughlin 

Longtime, but seldom open restaurant, Baja Blue is now closed at Harrah's Laughlin.  The space is currently being remodeled to house a new Guy Fieri Restaurant.   Signs say opening Winter of 2014. No exact date has been announced. Several sources have said by mid-December.   The name and menu are still unannounced as well, though an earlier press release said the menu would include regional favorites.   

Our personal best guess is that the name may be similar to his NY and Vegas restaurants and include "Kitchen and Bar".   As it is replacing Baja Blue, we also expect to see some southwestern and Mexican based food items as the regional favorites.   As details are released we will share them here. 

The location of the restaurant is at the front of the Casino on an outer wall that also has an open patio space. 

Wouldn't it be cool if they included outdoor seating similar to the one at his restaurant on the Vegas Strip at the Quad (soon to be LINQ)? 

And...will Guy Fieri himself make an appearance for the grand opening in Laughlin?  

Guy Fieri at the opening of his restaurant in Las Vegas

Update since this article was posed - Editor's Note:
Since sharing this article we had a chance to try Guy Fieri's restaurant in Las Vegas.  After doing so we have a few thoughts about whether this will be a hit or miss in Laughlin.

Will Guy Fieri's Food Hit or Miss in Laughlin?

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  1. If he doesn't make an appearance at the grand opening I will boycott the place on general principles. Laughlin is just as important as Vegas and preferred by some people. We don't need discriminated against because we are small. just me........

  2. Good point. Thinking he probably will show up. Caesars would want the publicity too.