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Dec 27, 2014

Jay Leno coming to Edgewater Casino E-Center

Laughlin, NV

Comedian and former host of the Tonight Show, Jay Leno, will be appearing at the Edgewater E-Center in Laughlin, NV on Saturday, March 7th for one show only.

We recall hearing a few (albeit not all that funny jokes) Jay included in older acts about Laughlin.  

And Wells Fargo, who got almost $25 billion in bailout money, has canceled a pricey 12-day corporate trip to Las Vegas. And I think they learned their lesson, because they really scaled things back. They're not doing Vegas anymore. Now, it's a one-day pie eating contest in Laughlin.

The MGM in Las Vegas has a new service. It is an IV drip that consists of vitamins. It is for people who get dehydrated if they party too hard. But if you go to Laughlin, you get some Gatorade and Valtrex.

Tickets for the Jay Leno show in Laughlin range from $55 to $105 and may be purchased at the Edgewater Casino or online here.

Edgewater E-Center Seating Chart for the Jay Leno Show

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