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Dec 9, 2014

Late Night Bites at Gold Diggers

Laughlin, NV
Golden Nugget
December 9, 2014

The Laughlin Buzz Facebook group is a great place to hear the latest buzz from locals and visitors.  Earlier today, Joe Klein shared the following dining "scoop" about Gold Diggers and the Deli located in the Golden Nugget Laughlin.

Joe wrote:
About a month ago, the GOLDEN NUGGET in Laughlin started offering a pretty cool food special in the GOLDDIGGERS lounge. They call the special LATE NIGHT BITES and it's available starting at 10PM, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays only. (It's supposed to be offered until 6AM, but I wouldn't count on getting it served to you after 1 or 2 AM. Best to order it in the lounge between 10 AM and midnight, as the club can totally empty out by 1 AM.)
There are two late night specials for an unbelievable $1.99! (with a 24-Ct. Players Club membership, which is free). One is a SIRLOIN STEAK AND 2 EGGS breakfast, served with hash browns and choice of toast. I tried it last week and, much to my surprise, the steak was GREAT! It wasn't a quarter-inch thick, over-cooked piece of leather. Instead, a nice THREE-QUARTER-inch cut actually cooked medium-rare! Really yummy! The other "two-buck special" is a 2-egg, bacon, sausage and pancake breakfast, which I haven't tried yet. (Can you blame me? Steak and eggs seems like the obvious choice here!)
Now, here's the "scoop" part of the post! Recently I got to know one of the GN's food and beverage managers and, late last week, he told me that plans are now being finalized to add a "grill-top" to the casino's "Deli" stand so they can grill burgers and steaks there, and offer them in addition to the cold, deli-style sandwiches currently on that venue's menu!
The best part? There are now plans to offer the "late night specials,"
every night of the week at the Deli (located in the north-east corner of the main casino floor) once the new grill is in place. Once the specials are offered there, the specials will most likely no longer be available in the Gold DIggers lounge.
This would be a welcome, and very nice, additional dining option for the Golden Nugget. It will be nice to be able to grab a late-night burger, or have a great breakfast for two bucks!
Here's the menu poster that's put up outside of Gold Diggers on Tuesday and Wednesday nights! Next time you're up late and on the strip, give it a try tonight...or tomorrow night!


If you get a chance try this special while it lasts.  
Things can come and go in a flash in the Casinos. 
Stay tuned for more details on changes or improvements at the Deli in the Golden Nugget.

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