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Dec 29, 2014

Guy Fieri's El Burro Borracho Opens Today!

December 29, 2014

Laughlin, NV

Harrah's Laughlin will open ‪‎Guy Fieri's new restaurant, El Burro Borracho today, December 29th at 4pm. 

Matt A., contributed an advance look at some of the delicious menu items and a mini-review of his experience at a pre-opening tasting.   

Here is some of what Matt had to say after the dinner. 

Everyone GO to el burro borracho. The food was amazing! I was lucky enough to get a vip pass before the opening to test the food.  Happy Michekke was my dinner date and we had a blast!
We had the guacamole and chips for an appetizer where they bring out all the ingredients and make it at the table. This allows you to say "no cilantro" as michekke did say as she can not stand it!! The flavor was very good and the chips were very thick and crisp and clearly handmade. They also slip in a pork rind also.
We got the carne asada fajitas and carnitas burrito. We split these so we were able to taste a little of each. The fajitas were very good the carne asada was perfect!! However the carnitas burrito was mouth watering I would get this again and again.
We also tried a habanero salsa. Never order this!! It is $3.00 and you might as well pour gasoline and light a match this was hot i almost was in tears and i like hot but this was satan!
For desert we have the drunk donkey banana sopapillas... Im not a fan of sweets to much but based in michekke i would say it was very good
I had a whisky drink "oak tree barrel" it was incredibly strong!!!  

He also shared the what the bill would of been.

Prices seem a bit high, but in our opinion this is the sort of place that you can easily share items because the portions are large.  This cuts the tab down and allows you to try different thinks. The drinks are what are going to run up the bill faster!

For an advance look at the El Burro Borracho menu visit here. 

Word is that Guy Fieri, may be at Harrahs Laughlin next Sunday if you want to catch a glimpse of him.   We can't wait to give the food and signature drinks a try. 

Photo credits:  Matt Arbuckle, originally posted on Laughlin Buzz Facebook Group  

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  1. The management seems to be more interested in impressing hotel gamblers by giving them priority seating than in serving and seating guests who have waited in line hoping to get a table and enjoy the new restaurant. I can't rate the food, because I never got any. There were so many "Priority Hotel Gamblers" seated ahead of us, that our party of five, left after one hour of waiting at the front of our line...even though we arrived twenty minutes before the restaurant opened at 4pm. So because of their policy of "staggered seating" (one table every five minutes so as not to overwhelm their staff, have you ever heard of such nonsense from a professional staff???) and their policy of always giving the important gamblers in the house a table before the customers who are waiting in line, good luck ever getting to taste the food on the menu. Therefore, I give this JOINT an underserved one star.

  2. Hey, the food is really looking delicious and I liked the sketch of Skelton. Well, I also tried habanero salsa once at San Francisco restaurants and I really liked it. Hey, have you tried its hot chocolate shake?