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Oct 18, 2016

The Saddest Mall Food Court in America?!

Laughlin, Nevada
Laughlin Outlet Mall

During recent visits to the mall the food court area seemed like a deserted ghost town.

In just the past 5 years many restaurants have come and gone (for various reasons).

Among the 12 places to open and close were:

  • Rice Garden
  • McDonalds
  • Dairy Queen/Orange Julius
  • At least three Pizza places including Mia's Pizza and Neda Pizza
  • El Chilito Rojo (Mexican)
  • Kappatrami's, (Burgers, Pastrami, etc.)
  • Mein Man (Asian/Chinese)
  • Burger Boys
  • Yogi's BBQ, Yogi's Subs/Sandwiches 

As of this posting, only two (fairly new businesses) remain open in the food court space, which can accomodate six outlets.

Il  Cortile

Wild West Coffee

The Italian place has very good food and reasonable prices.  We haven't yet tried Wild West Coffee yet but have heard very good things in our Laughlin Buzz groups (see them here),

There was hope that there would be a turn around at the Laughlin Outlet Mall when new management come in with new owners at the end of 2014.  Read about the new owners here.  Sadly, it seems to be worse.

What is it going to take for them to turn around this mall and keep the Food Court filled with tenants and customers?    The location is good, there are thousands of visitors and locals in the area each month.

*We have heard rumblings that most of the issues are relate to the high cost to lease and the poor management at the local level, not the corporate level of the company that owns it.

Many of the past tenants who closed were local/family operations who did their best to provide good service and food to the area. No National/Big chains have even attempted to open in the mall since the closing of the McDonald's, Dairy Queen and the Rice Garden.

No matter what the reason they can't keep tenants, this food court seems to be on a downward spiral, It is sad to see it getting worse and worse each year.

We encourage everyone to get out, try and patronize the local tenants that are currently operating at the mall.  After you do drop by and share your word of mouth experience with our group members at:  Laughlin Buzz or  Laughlin Buzz Rants and Raves 

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