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Mar 4, 2017

Eats at Bourbon Street in the Laughlin River Lodge

Laughlin, Nevada
The new Bourbon Street Casino area of the Laughlin River Lodge serves food 24 hours a day.  Late last month we stopped to look around and decided to grab a quick lunch.  

The bartender recommended several things, including the Alligator Nuggets, Token Pickles, and Beignet Fries.  We weren't really adventurous so stuck with the Italian Stallion and the Dat Brat off the menu.  You can pick and choose the toppings you want on them.   At $7, with no side included, they might be just a bit overpriced, but still very good.  The curly fries we ordered as a side were just ordinary.  Next time we will have to try some of the other selections, maybe even the Alligator.   Service was fast and friendly.   

We ordered at the bar.  You can also order at the walk up counter.  Seating is available in various places throughout the Bourbon Street area.  Including the comfortable sofas and chairs in front of the big screen tv's.  

The Menu at Bourbon Street 

As a bonus -- you get tokens with any order. In our case, $18 tab earned 18 tokens.  These can be used in the various games throughout Bourbon Street.  Tickets won can then be redeemed for prizes from the huge display located behind the bar.  

Specialty Drinks, Frozen Daiquiris, and Craft Beer is also available. 

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