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Mar 11, 2017

Monkey Statues, a Beach & an Empty Lot

Laughlin, Nevada

The owners of Laughlin River Lodge recently bought the lot and beach area between Laughlin River Lodge and the Golden Nugget.   

This is where the old monkey statues are located on the Laughlin Riverwalk. 

This was the advertisement showing where the area is BEFORE it was sold.  

Much of it has already been cleaned up.  

In addition to the new Bourbon Street and La Villita areas at the Laughin River Lodge, perhaps a new beach area will be coming this summer.   

They repaired the broken gates on the fence that lead to the beach area.  Private property and no trespassing signs are up both for the beach and the empty lot.    

Electrical and lighting looks to have also been recently installed on the fences. 

This portion of the Riverwalk and the beach area can return to a very nice area with a little work.   

Hopefully the new owners act on it soon.    

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