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Mar 14, 2017

Prime Rib at the Lodge Steakhouse

Laughlin, Nevada

The Lodge Steakhouse
Laughlin River Lodge

Located on the middle level of the Laughlin River Lodge, The Lodge has been one of our favorites for a dinner in Laughin.      

We have visited many times and have noticed slight changes to the menu and prices. There has often been a Prime Rib special, going back to being as low as $9.99 a couple years ago.  

This time our server didn't volunteer the list of specials as we experienced before.  So we asked and there was a Prime Rib special. Without even asking the price, that is what all three of us ordered. 

Prime Rib Special $14
The Prime Rib didn't disappoint, it was nice cut, good sized, seasoned well, and delicious.  A side of asparagus, choice of potato, and the very full breadbasket accompanied it.  A side salad is not included and this time we didn't try one.   

Service was good and very friendly. 

The view from the Lodge is a nice one overlooking the Colorado River.  

Live music from the Lounge and Bar area was added to the atmosphere. The lounge was busy. Happy Hour appetizer and drink specials are served, Wednesday-Sunday from 4-6pm (bar and lounge only).

Drinks are served by John Roddy, who was voted Best Bartender in the 2016 Laughlin Buzz Awards. Most days there is also the live music in the corner of the lounge. 


So if you are looking for Prime Rib, or even a nice steak, consider trying the Lodge.  Our Prime Rib special was just $14. Unfortunately, we did not ask if this was a daily special or during certain times. You will have to ask or call ahead.  They used to also feature a early bird menu but we have seen no mention of that lately.   

Even regular prices are competitive and the atmosphere is nice. 

The current menu looks like this:

The current hours of The Lodge Steakhouse are:  Wednesday-Sunday, opening at 4 pm.

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  1. I love The Lodge and John is the best. I am glad you guys enjoyed it too. Can't wait for my next Laughlin trip :)

    1. Thank you, if you are on Facebook, drop by our Laughlin Buzz Group after your next visit and let us know how you enjoyed it!