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Mar 5, 2017

La Villita Opens at the Laughlin River Lodge

Laughlin, Nevada

The Laughlin River Lodge continues to expand.   The Bourbon Street section opened several weeks ago.  La Villita has now opened on the lower level.   

Rumor is a General Store should be opening just off the main Casino floor in the next couple of weeks.
The General Store is now open!

A day or two after they opened we made a trip down to LRL to check out the Mexican themed La Villita.   
Here is a picture tour.  

We went early so the place was not busy.  Not long before we left more people started coming in.  In fact, the Laughlin River Lodge has seemed busier than we remember it in a long time.   

The long L shaped bar is very nice.  Chairs are spaced out and there are machines to play, flat screen TVs on the wall, and a counter at the end to order food.  

The bar features specialty Tequila, frozen margaritas (the Mango one was very good), Mexican beer 
on draft, and just about any other cold one you may want. 

We didn't try the menu offerings this time.  They feature a Taco special and other choices at very reasonable prices.    Breakfast items are also available.

To the left of the counter where you can place an order there is a section to sit in with more TVs (forgot to get a picture of that).   Apparently at some point you will also be able to order from the pool, which is located just outside of that area. 

You can also order and sit at the bar, machines, or any of the other tables located in La Villita. 

Sticking with the Mexican theme, the gaming machines in La Villita use Spanish as the primary language. Even as a non-Spanish speaker they were easy to understand.  You can toggle between the languages on the machines themselves. 

La Villita even appears to have their own players card.   However, both the regular Laughlin River Lodge players card and a Dotty's players card also work in the machines.   These are all basically the same account and work throughout Laughlin River Lodge. 

Construction is still under way with word that a Chinese restaurant and bowling lanes may be coming in the future.  

Much construction is still under way all over the Laughlin River Lodge. 

Word is that a Asian theme and restaurant area (Red Dragon) and bowling lanes are in the works for the future.  The picture below may be the beginnings of that area on the second level.   

The owners of Laughlin River Lodge also recently bought the lot and beach area between LRL and the Golden Nugget.   This is where the old monkey statues are located on the Riverwalk. Much of it has already been cleaned up.  Perhaps we will see a new beach area open there this summer. 

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