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Mar 26, 2014

Best Breakfast Buffet on the River in Laughlin

Breakfast at the Loading Dock Bar and Grill
Colorado Belle 
Laughlin, NV

One morning we decided to head out for Breakfast in Laughlin. Wanting to try something new our choice was either Bumbleberry Flats (at the Pioneer) or the Loading Dock Bar and Grille at the Colorado Belle. Since we had comps we decided to use them and headed to the Loading Dock.  There is nothing like a free breakfast on the River, and besides we had heard a few not too flattering opinions of the food and service and wanted to see for ourselves.

Upon going up to the hostess stand we were greeted right away. This was a great first sign. We were asked if we were going to have the Buffet.  Apparently the morning breakfast buffet is popular.  We generally don't go for Buffets so asked to see a regular menu.

As we walked in we noticed most of people there wee in the first two rows of tables closest to the buffet. The regular breakfast menu was laminated onto a wooden board, a unique menu format.  After looking it over we realized the price for the Buffet ($7.99 includes coffee or a drink) was a great deal.

I did a walk by of the buffet and saw it looked really good (for a buffet).  Smaller bins of food that looked fresh and of higher quality than we recall at the old Captains Buffet or Edgewater Buffet.  There was also a egg/omelet station and toasting station.  There was fresh fruit, pastries, muffins, cereal plus eggs, bacon, biscuits and gravy, a egg quiche, pancakes, waffles and more.

So, we all decided to go with the Buffet and it was a good choice. Being that the layout and size was smaller than typical bigger style buffets, choices were hotter and fresher, with them replenishing them more often.  Sometimes, less is more. Do a few things very well is far better than many things done with mediocrity.

For just $7.99 this is probably one of the best breakfast values on the River now.  People who used to love the old $7.99 buffet at the Pioneer Casino Boarding House restaurant before it closed should love this one.  It is much better. The service was wonderful, prompt and friendly.  They had one person refilling coffee and even though we had the buffet our server kept checking on us to see how we were doing.  The decor is a nice concept and even if you sit inside instead of on the patio, you can see out to the Riverwalk.   The tables and tableware were nice and we actually enjoyed everything about the Loading Dock.

Our contributor Todd recently shared a good experience he and his wife had at lunch at the Loading Dock. Sometime in the near future we need to revisit to see how dinner during a busy time goes.   The restaurant seems to be more geared to the regular menu than the buffet for dinner but for breakfast we highly recommend the buffet.  For now it is the best value and breakfast buffet on the River in Laughlin.

You, of course, can order off the regular menu and we did see people doing this. The food that went by looked good and were large portions.    More pictures below:

Ceiling of the Loading Dock

Entrance to the Loading Dock

Large Windows look out onto the Patio and beyond to the Riverwalk and Colorado River

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The above restaurant is located at the Colorado Belle Hotel and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada

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1 comment:

  1. I agree with all you said, particularly about the service and decor, for the breakfast buffet. Food was fresh and beautifully displayed. I prefer that it be a bit spicier with seasoning, but one can always add that themselves.
    Pricewise and everything considered, I still think the Edgewater's buffet is a good deal, too!