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Mar 19, 2014

Review: Loading Dock Bar & Grill at Colorado Belle

 Loading Dock Bar & Grill at Colorado Belle

 After waiting many weeks for the Loading Dock Bar & Grill to open, my wife and I finally got a chance to try it over Mardi Gras weekend.  The location is bigger than it looks from the outside with a number of seating options.  There is the large L shaped bar.  There appear to be just a few video poker machines after looking at the picture a second time.  They weren’t obvious as we walked by.

The restaurant combines a sit down bar and grill with a buffet.  Inside is a large seating area for both eating choices, though it is clearly set up with buffet density in mind (meaning no booths).

Indoor seating

The most entertaining seating option is outside on a large L shaped patio facing the Riverwalk and the water. 

We had a good time people watching and seeing the occasional watercraft zoom down the river.  There is a small stage right outside the dining patio and it can get a bit loud while eating but we didn’t find it over powering to our conversation.  We did notice that the music of the Loading Dock competes with the stage music at times which is odd to listen to.  The restaurant should really turn the patio music down when a band is playing.  The stage band created a nice atmosphere to each lunch by on a really nice weather day.

Stage on the Riverwalk outside the Loading Dock Bar and Grill Patio

We went to the Loading Dock for lunch at 11:30am on Saturday 3/8.  There were very few customers seated when we came in but a steady stream followed us.  Service speed was fair.  The server was friendly but had a large number of tables.

They bring drinks in small barrel type glasses that are too small for my taste.  I asked quite regularly for soda refills.  Have them bring two if they can to save on server travel.  I ordered a club sandwich (my standard when trying a new restaurant) and my wife had fish tacos.      
Outdoor Seating

Food portions are good if not a little big for lunch.  The sandwich had real turkey (big plus), good bacon, and the fries were very good.  My wife’s fish tacos were a bit tasteless.  She commented that more southwest seasoning, that you typically find in such tacos, would be a good thing.  She is willing to try the restaurant again for different menu items.  

Club Sandwich

Fish Tacos

Two drinks and the two meals above came to $35 which is a little high for lunch but it was a good experience that I will certainly repeat.  I look forward to going back for dinner.  I mentioned the crowd was sparse at 11:30 but it filled up nicely by the time we left.  It appears this location will do very well as long as the service and food quality stay high.

Review by Laughlin Buzz Contributor, Todd Carnes

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The above restaurant is located at the Colorado Belle Hotel and Casino in Laughlin, Nevada

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