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Mar 1, 2014

Wild Style Burgers and Pizza coming to the Edgewater

Laughlin, Nevada
Edgewater Casino

Back in January the McDonald's located in the Edgewater Casino closed.  Just this week they started to put up a temporary wall so they could do some work.  Looks like Wild Style Burgers and Pizza will be going in the old McDonald's space and that it will be expanded.   The pics we received show they just started this.

When we went by today all the workers equipment was gone and the walls were all smooth, painted, and seamless.  At least they didn't put up the big black plastic sheeting like they did when Capriotti's was built last year. 

We love to see that the management for both the Colorado Belle and Edgewater have stepped up their game and made significant improvements and investments to their properties.  

No word on what it might open.   

Update:  June 2014

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