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Mar 1, 2014

Random Observations at the Loading Dock and Pioneer

Laughlin, Nevada

Heading down the hill to Casino Drive in Laughlin

The last two days have been cooler, no sun, clouds, some rain in Laughlin.   It hasn't stopped people from being out on the Riverwalk or even down on the beach area (the water was low).  The temperatures were still decent, not too windy even.

Heading into the Colorado Belle the first thing noticeable on the Riverwalk was that they are progressing with what looks like the Band Stage area.  This is in a nice spot right on the point overlooking the Colorado River.  

Band Stage area by the Colorado Belle just outside the new Loading Dock Bar and Grille

They better hurry up!  There is a Mardi Gras festival set for next weekend there.  

Plus since the outdoor dining area at the Loading Dock Bar and Grille is open already, we have heard a couple grumbles that it is not enjoyable to eat there with a nice view of the construction and the noise. 

Was cool to see the outdoor bar (Chill?) was open today.  We were going to stop and see what they had but there were quite a few people and the bartender wasn't especially speedy.

After leaving the Colorado Belle for the Golden Nugget we saw that there was a new Crane/Lift parked at the Pioneer Casino by the River Rick sign.  This a different one than the last one they had parked there, but still no one working on the sign.  Hopefully soon.  We first noticed someone working on the sign on February 20th.  Police line (caution tape) was still up making for a nice image. 

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