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Mar 4, 2014

Ghost Town at the Colorado Belle

The Ghost Town on D Deck at the Colorado Belle

Laughlin, Nevada.

If you take a ride on the long escalators at the Colorado Belle you will find yourself on the "D Deck" in a nice, gaudy ghost town.  All the restaurants and shops have closed in slow succession. 

Long before the restaurants closed, there was a Candy shop.  This closed.  The only thing left is the sign.  The first restaurant that closed was Tortilla's (the Mexican spot).

Tortilla's as it looks today 
More closings soon followed.  There was a very nice Italian eatery, Mangia.  Good food and a great view that overlooked the Colorado River.  Closed.  The 24 hour diner, the Gallery Cafe closed.  

Mangia - Italian closed. 
Even the small desk where at one time you could buy Keno tickets closed.  

Soon they built a new gift shop on the Casino floor and closed the one upstairs.  

The Gift shop was moved downstairs to the Casino floor

When the opening date for the new Loading Dock Bar was near they quietly shuttered Mark Twain's Chicken and Ribs.   

The last holdout was the Captain's Buffet.  They shut the Captain down on the day the Loading Dock opened on the Riverwalk. 

Now all you will see on D Deck  is an occasional person or couple wandering around.  Perhaps they thinking about what used to be there or why they all closed.  Or maybe they are return visitors thinking about how they miss a spot they had previously enjoyed. 

It will be interesting to see what they do with all this space. 

Going Down

The End

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  1. What a shame!!! I spent so many years coming to this casino. Loved the coffee shop, loved Mark Twains. I loved the outside patio which I understand is also now gone. Guess I will have to find a new casino!!!

  2. The new Loading Dock restaurant does have an outside patio right on the Riverwalk. Looks like a great spot. Even though they closed the upstairs, the lower level looks better than it has in years.

  3. Ate at the Loading Dock restaurant and played inside the Colorado Belle. It definitely has improved. We didn't even miss the upstairs, but we are hopeful that new venues will be in place soon. Loved the patio area outside!