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Mar 10, 2014

Win the Lion's Share Progressive at the MGM Vegas

This blog is mostly about Laughlin, but can't stop ourselves from mentioning a single slot machine in LasVegas.

Have you thrown a few dollars (or hundred) at the Lion's Share?  

Back in February the Wall Street Journal featured an article about the Lion's Share slot machine in the MGM Grand Las Vegas.  

The Lion's Share is a single progressive slot machine that has never given up the progressive jackpot since being installed in the early 90s.  As per Nevada gaming regulations, since it has never paid out, they can't remove it until it does. Well, technically there probably is a way they could but since it is becoming famous (or infamous), why would they pull out the machine at this point? 

One of our favorite Vegas websites, Vegas Chatter, just shared a article mentioning that the Lion's Share still has not been hit. We had been in the habit of throwing a bit at it each time we were near the MGM--just in case it was time for it to go. Now, with this reminder from Vegas Chatter we might have to venture in there again on our next drive to Vegas. 

The last time we stopped by the machine was the first week of January (2014).  As you can see from this picture we took on this visit, the progressive jackpot then was 2,339,491 dollars.  

January 3, 2014

The picture Vegas Chatter recently posted showed it at 2,353,277.  So, the progressive has increased by approximately 13k in about two months time. For those who like numbers, probability,and stats, the Wizard of Odds has a Deconstructing the Lion's Share analysis here.   

Winning the Lion's Share:


If you get three lions in any position (on max bet, which is $3) you could win $10,000. Three lions on the center line (at max bet) wins you the progressive.  Do yourself a favor, when you play it don't bet less than max. Imagine how it would feel to hit the 3 Lions on one or two dollars bet.   

Fairly regular small payouts keep you playing 
We found we got enough payouts often enough to keep playing for a quite awhile. Never anything too big, but playing the Lion's Share is a way to have some fun, enjoy a few drinks, run up some points on your players card, and maybe even get lucky.  

Since the machine is old school it does not have a ticket in, ticket out and ALL payouts are by hand-pay. Be prepared to play what you put in until it is gone, or wait for a hand pay on a cash out.   


Right now the machine is located by the High Limits slots across from the Grand Wok restaurant in the MGM.   

We have always found it easy to get in the Lion's Share seat but apparently now since the article in the WSJ, the machine has become more popular than ever.  

Rumor is the lucky winner of the jackpot will also get to keep the machine! 


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  1. Haha! If it hasn't paid out in 20 years, it's a pretty sure indication that it is not "due"... Love the history and fable, but it IS a slot machine. That doen't pay..

  2. Haha! If it hasn't paid in 20 years, it certainly is not "due"! A fable or a legend, YES! We all love a good story, but it would be MUCH cheaper for the average person to by a lottery ticket, with a single investment off $3 rather than the odds of multiple spins on a slot machine...! WOW...