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Oct 29, 2014

Laughlin Gaming Revenue Up; as Nevada is down

Laughlin, Nevada

Laughin Gaming Revenue Up as overall Nevada revenue is down.

The recent release of numbers by the Nevada Gaming Control Board showed Laughlin had a gaming revenue of $34,410,452, which is an increase of  3.92 percent for September (2014).

This is good news for Laughlin as overall Nevada gaming revenue dropped 5.96 percent.

This also was much better for Laughlin after two previous months of lower revenue:

August 2014 showed a drop of 6.64 percent.
July 2014 showed a drop of 0.7 percent.

The following are the gaming revenue percentages for September for:

Boulder Strip        +14.28%
Laughlin                +3.92%
Mesquite          +1.19%
North Las Vegas        +0.59%
Downtown Las Vegas   -3.98%
Las Vegas Strip       -12.12%

*Numbers are comparisons based on the same month for the previous year.

For all the numbers see the Gaming Control Press Release here (a pdf file).



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