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Oct 24, 2014

Lost in the Outback (Again)

If you are into a really good steak in Laughlin and stop in the Outback Steakhouse, disappointment might be your dinner companion. But if you want what seems to be the fast food of steak you can find it at there.  Sadly, the prices are not that of fast food either.

After the visit one of our guests said:

Outback Steakhouse is to Steak as the Olive Garden is to Italian Food*

The Outback we recently visited is in the Aquarius Resort Casino in Laughlin Nevada.  As one walks in you are welcomed with a nicely and recently remodeled restaurant.  The location is steps off the Casino floor and even features patio seating virtually steps from the gaming tables and machines.

Despite the new decor there has not been any additional attention to the quality of the food.

After swearing off eating at this particular location, we have been back a couple times.  Each time we have re-visited it was out of convenience or because friends or guests wanted to eat there.

Want to know why we vowed not to return in the past?  Check Here   Or Here 

Be warned, lines are usually long. Especially on weekends. They weren't this time as it was early dinner on a weeknight. We got seated right away. Lines are usually long most likely because of the convenience factor we mentioned or that it always seems like it would be a good place to eat.  +See a suggestion of ours at the end of this review.

The menu selection is as good just as at any Outback Steakhouse.  After all it is a chain. Our service this time was better than in the past. Our only complaint was that the food came out too fast.  Salads were out before we finished appetizers.  Main meals were dropped off while we were only half done with salads.

The Food:

We had enjoyed the Ahi Tuna appetizer in the past at the Outback.  Although it wasn't as good as the one we had at the Saltgrass Steakhouse (Golden Nugget Laughlin).  We had also tried the Crab & Avacado stack before and enjoyed it. Based on this the Great Barrier Trio Appetizer sounded like a good choice.

Advertisement for the Great Barrier Trio Appetizer

The actual Great Barrier Trio Appetizer

The Great Barrier Trio appetizer is described on the menu as Sashimi-style Ahi Tuna with a drizzle of soy dressing, crispy coconut shrimp and a mini version of the tasty Crab & Avocado Stack.

None of us liked it.  The coconut shrimp were semi-crispy and not very large, only 3.  The stack was very light on the crab and tasteless.  The Ahi Tuna was terrible, one bite each and we left the rest.  It was a texture thing, although it wasn't unfresh, it didn't seem quite right.  Pieces wouldn't even cut easily.  Apparently this is new and for a limited time.  Good thing. We won't ever have it again and now won't even try the regular Ahi Tuna here.  Hopefully, it doesn't ruin Ahi Tuna for us everywhere.  This was a bad start. $12.99 for an appetizer to share isn't terrible if it is good.  This wasn't.

Luckily, there were drinks and a Fosters to get the bad taste of the tuna out of our mouth.

Salads were dropped off quickly, which in this case wasn't so bad since the appetizer was so bad.  We have come to realize the single best thing you can order at the Outback Steakhouse is a salad.
The best part of the Outback Steakhouse

Not sure if their blue cheese is really from a Danish Island but it tops a very nice salad.  They do charge you additional for the Premium salad.

As usual the Pecan Blue Cheese Chopped Salad was very good.  However, they seem to have downsized it a bit since the last time we visited.

 We were surprised to see the steak and lobster tail special on the menu.

The Advertisement for Victoria's Filet Mignon
and Lobster at Outback Steakhouse

The actual Victoria's Filet Mignon and Lobster Tail Served
Sometimes at various Outback locations, including this one in Laughlin, the specials advertised in the media are not available.  

Our party ordered:

  • Sirloin and Lobster Tail 
  • Filet and Lobster Tail (2 orders)
  • Baby Back Ribs

We advised our guest to get the Victoria's Filet Mignon instead of the Sirloin.  Years ago we used to love the Outback Special Sirloin. The past few times we had it the quality is just low.  Usually the Filet is much better. Not great but better.

This time taking just a couple bites it is obvious this is just not great steak. Both cuts of steak seemed almost the same.  The Filet was slightly better but had a far too mushy texture and both steaks had virtually no seasoning. The sides, Baked Potato and Broccoli was average. They could of trimmed the long stems on the Broccoli a bit.

The lobster tail was small, perhaps 4 oz., and slightly overcooked, dry and not very sweet tasting. Searching for a word to describe it the best that comes to mind is unspectacular.  The $26.99 tab for steak and lobster seems reasonable and the meal isn't terrible or worth sending back but the quality and satisfaction isn't there. We started thinking of all the other things we could of gotten elsewhere for the same price. The steaks we made on the grill at home a couple weeks ago were much better.

The Ribs were surprisingly tender and fall off the bone good.

As we had experienced it before we knew that their BBQ sauce wasn't our favorite.  Too much bite covering up the flavor of the ribs. But this is a matter of personal preference. The ribs were good enough to make it worth ordering.  The plate the ribs and fries were served on was far too small. Nothing was given to put the bones in and to top it off the server put the wet napkins under the ribs on the plate.  Why?
Discovered under the rack of ribs
Ribs are Full order 20.99 1/2 order 16.49  The Aussie fries were tasteless and served only semi-warm and lacked seasoning.

Our server went through the motions of asking us if we wanted dessert, but didn't ask if we wanted more drinks previously. We declined and paid our bill.

Our Recommendation:

Overall the prices are too high for the quality of food.

When enough time passes we tend to forget why we said "No More" Outback.  We just got another reminder.

Go for a salad.
Go for a drink.
Skip the Steak.

How long can we stay away this time?

*No offense to Olive Garden or Outback Steakhouse lovers. This is our opinion based on our tastes and preferences. Your results may vary depending on your own! 

+ If you have to or want to eat at the Aquarius, the Vineyard restaurant is a few steps beyond the Outback Steakhouse. For virtually the same price you can get a far better quality dinner.  In a nice, quiet location with good service.  Yes, it is primarily an Italian spot but they also have steak, fish and other choices.   Keep in mind they are closed on Tuesday and Wednesday.  However, at the Cove Lounge they offer the same appetizers that are served at the Vineyard (after 4pm).  

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