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Oct 11, 2014

Best Pizza Slice in Laughlin

Laughlin, Nevada

Update:   June 2017 - Mia's Pizza closed and La Piazza has opened in this location. 
Read about our recent visit to La Piazza

Mia's Pizza in the Outlet Mall Food Court

After visiting and trying Wild Style Burgers & Pizza at the Edgewater Casino, several people told us that there was a better slice to be found at Mia's Pizza.  So we headed to the Laughlin Outlet Mall Food Court to check it out.  

Even though, or perhaps because it was lunch time, there was only one lonely piece of Pepperoni Pizza out.  The cheese Pizza was half filled and looked better so we went with that. The man working was very friendly and quickly put our slices in the Pizza oven to heat. 

This is a no frills operation, with the slice served on a paper plate.  The slice was a decent size and for the price of just $2.10 a very good deal.  Additional toppings are just 50 cents.  A slice of cheese at Wild Style was only slightly bigger and priced at $3.49.  

Mia's Pizza - Slice of Cheese

The cheese and sauce were good.  We would of liked a bit more sauce.  This seems to be a trend lately, as the Wild Style slice was also light on the sauce.  Crust was good but could of been a bit crisper.  This is a personal taste though, if you like a softer crust this was perfectly fine.  

Overall we give this slice a good recommendation, especially for the price.   For a whole 16 inch cheese pie they charge $13.99, whereas at Wild Style a whole 18 inch cheese pizza is $16.99.  

We would almost have to sample both slices on the same day at the same time to pick a favorite between the two places.  

Our pick:  It's a Tie, one of us liked Wild Style, one of us liked Mia's.  The tiebreaker is price, so Mia's wins. This time.   

It's good to see two places where you can grab a slice of pizza instead of having to order a whole one. So, next time you are in the mall, stop by Mia's Pizza and give it a try.

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