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Oct 15, 2014

Laughlin River Lodge - Progress Update

This article was posted before the River Lodge opened for gaming on November 1st.  

To see pictures and details of the opening weekend visit here

Laughlin, Nevada
Laughlin River Lodge

Laughlin River Lodge?

The River Palms was sold and is in the process of becoming the new Laughlin River Lodge. 

In spite of all the construction and no gaming, they opened some of the hotel rooms on September 26, 2014. 

The casino portion of the property has been advertised to be opening on November 1st after they get the necessary gaming approval and license.   

We did a quick walk through at the end of September and again yesterday.  Since our first walk through not much has changed.   Here is what we noticed and some of our speculations and opinions. 

The Restaurants and Food

During the construction (as of this post) they also are advertising the restaurants are open. 

BUT, the Denny's, which used to be open 24 hours, is only open on Saturday and Sunday and the Lodge Steakhouse seems to be open in the evenings.     They Lodge is currently offering  a Prime Rib Dinner advertised for $9.99 (Sunday through Thursday).

The Lodge Steakhouse

The gift shop is still closed with no merchandise inside.  

The Buffet, which is supposed to get a makeover too, is not yet open.  Nothing looked any different so far

Casino Floor, Dotty's and Gaming

They have two Dotty's gaming rooms just about ready.  The Dotty's signs are up and machines are in the rooms.  One is just past the bar and where the old sports book was.   The other is where the old Bingo room was.   

Since their new sign inside shows Bingo on the River Walk level, a new Bingo room must be planned.

Workers were busy finishing the configuration of the machines in the Dotty rooms.  The main Casino floor is still empty except for spots where the new machines will go.  

A worker told us that 175 more machines are set to come in next week.  At this time the owners are not seeking a license for Table Games, so don't count on rolling the dice or playing any blackjack at the Laughlin River Lodge.     

Another question remains as to how the Dotty's and Main Casino floor are going to merge?  The sign calls the main floor the Riverview Gaming area.  Will there be one players club or two?  

Dotty's Players Card

(this was not obtained at the Laughlin River Lodge. as of our visit their players club was not open)
A Dotty's card to be used in all machines?   Or a NEW players club as this sign suggests and a Dotty's card too?   Our best guess is Dotty's cards in all machines.  We hope not, but will we will see. 

Stay tuned, we will drop in there and see as things develop on the Casino floor and in Dotty's.  You can also find new updates and pictures in the Laughlin group on Facebook.   Many updates and pictures about things going on in Laughlin are posted there daily.  Not just about the Laughlin River Lodge. 

Behind the Walls

Walls are everywhere on the main floor and the second floor. Previously, from the main floor you could look down at the (empty) lower level.  This is completely walled in now, leaving only half the former Casino floor available. 

The lower level is now mostly a hallway with walls on both sides leading from the doors to the pool and the buffet at the other end.  It is obvious something new is developing behind all the walled in areas. The question remains as to what will be a part of the remodel and construction. 

River Palms Wall Mural as it was seen before they closed

River Palms wall mural still up but hidden behind the walls

Even the big wall logo for The River Palms is still up.  This is the one you could see from the lower level, now it is just peeking out behind the temporary walls.  That will need to be changed or removed as well.  

The Signs

Nearly all the signs inside have changed but outside is another matter. None of the outdoor signage has changed except a couple small ones by the doors and on the Riverwalk. 

Sign in the front of the Casino

Sign on the Riverwalk

On the big noticeable signs:

They stripped the River Palms wording and logo off the main marquee sign.  If they were NOT going to something new on the sign promptly, why strip it off when they left the rest of the River Palms signs everywhere behind it on the towers.     After spending $6.75 million for the purchase perhaps they should of torn this sign right down and put up a new one complete with a video marquee.  

The big River Palms signs are still present on the side of the hotel (seen from the Riverwalk) and on both the front and back of the hotel itself,.  

With half the month gone, will the Laughlin River Lodge get their outside look to actually match their new name before they "open"?   

River Palms logo on top of Hotel on the Riverwalk side and as seen from across the river.

Or will it be a soft gaming open with everything outside still looking like the old River Palms.  

River Palms sign/logo/decorative image on the front of the hotel
In need of some Paint while they are changing the signs!

The Hotel and Rooms

Their website is bare bones basic but they do seem to have a reservation system in place now.   They have no other restaurant info or other details other than below.  

According to the LaughlinRiverLodge.Com website (as of this writing) they say:

The casino portion of the property will open upon the receipt of our gaming license, which is expected to be November 1, 2014. So until that time, we will be welcoming guests to the property starting on September 26, 2014, and hope that you will pardon us for some amount of construction that will be going on during this initial phase of the remodel.   We have upgraded 200 of our rooms with amenity packages that include a refrigerator, microwave,  coffee maker, iron and ironing board, and hair dryer, and flat screen TV. High speed WiFi is included is included at no additional charge. Upon check in, each guest receives a complimentary bottle of water, and each room comes with complimentary snack and candy tray. 

We were told they have a sample room you can visit on the 11th floor if you ask.  Here is the picture that was posted of it. 

"Model" room at the Laughlin River Lodge
 Plus another one we found on Twitter.

A public post on Twitter showing the Lauglin River Lodge Rooms

Rooms seem to range from a published rack rate of $49.95 to $56.62 for the Riverview rooms.  Only the Riverview rooms appear to have all the amenities listed above. 

In conclusion, we would of loved to see them remain closed and have a grand re-opening complete with everything in place from signs to the hotel to the restaurants to the Casino floor.  Stay tuned, we will post more updates as they are announced or when we see or hear new developments.

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  1. Cool update! We stopped going to the River Palms a long time ago, and we are looking forward to a new venue for food and/or gaming. DH loves table games, so hope they include that some day. Question, though: Dotty's.....? I assume this is the same "Dotty" of the parlor casinos all over Nevada. How did "Dotty's" enter into the new Laughlin Lodge? I am curious about the connection.

    1. Thank you. Nevada Restaurant Services, Inc. and Laughlin Hotel, LLC. purchased the River Palms for 6.75 million. Nevada Restaurant Services is the company that owns and operates the various Dotty's parlors. It is curious right now why they have the two Dotty's rooms and what exactly will be on the main floor.

  2. I am curious to see if a large NON smoking area will be included somewhere or if it will end up smelling like "the Fremont Street" casinos which is a combination of ashtrays and urinals. I am not impressed so far.

  3. Rat, So far the only "rumor" we heard about non smoking is that one of the two Dotty's rooms might be non-smoking. This would be somewhat good as they have doors, but still if the rest of the place is smoking it will need to have some good ventilation. Also, heard their Bingo might be non-smoking. Non of this is confirmed yet.