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Nov 13, 2014

Best Bet for Prime Rib on the River

Laughlin, NV
Laughlin River Lodge

The Lodge Steakhouse

Best Bet for Prime Rib on the River

We finally made it in to try the $9.99 Prime Rib Special at the Lodge Steakhouse.

**Important Update:
2-26-15   This special has been discontinued by The Lodge Steakhouse.  They now offer an early bird menu, which as this time has a Prime Rib special and other items.   See our latest review and more information here. 

It was wonderful to see there were no cutting corners or skimping on this special.  For just $9.99 you get a nice (about 8oz) slice of Prime Rib, choice of potato, a vegetable, and a side dinner salad. Plus a bread basket. No additional charges for the salad or anything else.   You can't beat this price.

On top of the amazing value, the Prime Rib is a good cut and nicely seasoned and roasted perfectly.  Together with another couple we tried it two times.  Both times it was consistently good.  One time it was served with very good green beans that were blanched and still nice and firm as they should be.

The other time it was served with a similarly cooked and nicely seasoned side of Asparagus.  The baked potato was a nice size and served with sour cream, butter, and chives as desired.

The salad was very fresh with cucumber and cherry tomatoes.

Both the Italian type dressing and Blue Cheese were good.  Bread was hot and fresh, either an assortment of rolls or french style bread.    Service was among the best we have had in Laughlin. Everyone was friendly, attentive, and helpful.


For appetizers we did try the Shrimp Cocktail ($11) and the Lobster Bisque ($8).

The Bisque was excellent, very creamy with nice little pieces of Lobster in it.  For $8 for a huge bowl (not a cup) this was a good value.

The Shrimp was fresh and firm, not as large as some of the other shrimp cocktail we have had in the area, but still good.  $11 for 4 shrimp might be just a bit high though.


The atmosphere in the Lodge Steakhouse is nice and cozy.   The one wall of the dining room looks out to the River.  Two huge stone fireplaces added to the decor.  In fact, this steakhouse is the most "Lodge" like thing about the Laughlin River Lodge.

On one visit we also tried the Lodge Coffee ($5) with Baileys, Frangelico, and whipped cream.  The dinners were very filling and on both visits we had no room to try the desserts. The Tiramisu the couple next to our table ordered looked very good.  Perhaps next time if we cut back on the bread and no appetizers,

If you like Prime Rib we recommend you give this one a try.

Both Sunday evenings we were there they were very busy early and with less people later in the night.


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  1. Okay we'll try it, but that piece on your plate is so rare that it looks like a placenta! I think we'll ask for end cuts.

    1. Helen, thank you for your comment, but it was ordered and actually cooked Medium. The picture makes it look redder. End cuts are good and you can order it medium well or well done too. Hope you enjoy it if you try it. Let us know!