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Nov 12, 2014

Dunkin Donuts Coming to Edgewater Casino in Laughlin

Laughlin, NV

The Buzz at the Edgewater Casino Hotel is that a Dunkin Donuts is coming soon.  

Editor note:  See *Update at the end of this article.

Joe Klein has been the "Donut Detective" on the Laughlin Buzz Facebook Group.  He shared the breaking rumors/news back in September about a possible Dunkin Donuts coming to the Edgewater.

Since then he has shared updates and pictures of exactly where it is being built.  The projected opening date is sometime in December, although nothing has been officially announced.

The following are screenshots of his comments in the group (click on them for a larger view).  Plus various photos of the progress.   To see more or be a part of the group go to Laughlin Buzz Group

Photo by Joe Klein

Photo by Joe Klein

Above photo is the area that once held slot machines and 
had been cleared prior to construction starting

Photo by Joe Klein

Area behind the temporary walls where construction of the new Dunkin Donuts has begun.

These following two pics  are ones we took a few days after Joe took the one of the construction.  Everything was locked up behind the temporary walls when we went by.  The Dunkin Donuts will be opposite the registration desk and next to the Cashier cages by the main entrance.

In other related news, Joe reported that the Coffee Etc shop will be closing when the Dunkin Donuts opens.  This space will possibly be converted into a new hotel bar which will serve drinks indoors and outdoors at the pool area.   No definite decision has been made on this yet. 

Photo by Joe Klein
Coffee Etc. space and counter

Outdoor area by pool.
Photo by Joe Klein

Stay tuned.  As we hear more news and updates about Dunkin Donuts we will share them.  We expect an official announcement about it from the Edgewater will happen sometime in the near future..  

*Update:  12-18-2014   Dunkin Donuts should be opening in the first or second week of 2015.  Read more and see pictures here. 

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