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Nov 18, 2014

Range Steakhouse at Harrah's Laughlin - Review

Laughlin, NV
Range Steakhouse @ Harrah's Laughlin
Restaurant/Dinner Review

After several years of hearing how good it is we finally got out to the Range Steakhouse in Harrah's Laughlin. We were greeted immediately (four of us) by a friendly hostess and seated promptly at a very nice window seat overlooking the River.  A basket of several kinds of rolls, flatbreads and two kinds of butter were placed at the table right away.

After ordering wine and drinks Escargot appetizers ($12) to share where ordered. These were served in button mushroom caps with a garlic sauce and two crostini's.

Those in our group who had Escargot before raved how good they were.  I had never tried them before and managed to eat one.  It was not my favorite, though the sauce and mushroom was excellent. If you like Escargot I am going venture to say you most likely will love these ones.

For salads we had the Caesar ($7) and the Wedge Salad ($8). The Caesar had a nice dressing and was very fresh and good.

Wedge Salad

The Wedge salad is a wedge of iceberg lettuce topped with shaved red onion, bacon  Maytag bleu cheese, hard-boiled egg and diced heirloom tomato.  In my opinion, there was too much onion and it was very strong.  Most of the onion was pushed to the side.  The egg didn't fit with the salad either.  Would of been better without it. The rest of it was delicious with a very good homemade blue cheese dressing. According to our server all the salad dressings are homemade at the Range.

For the main course we ordered various dinners consisting of steak and lobster.

The Range Filet Migon was, as expected, the best of the steaks. Two sizes are available, 8oz.($42) or 5 oz.($36). Ordered medium it was perfectly cooked and honestly one of the best steaks we have had in Laughlin.  Sorry to The Steakhouse at the Tropicana, but you have been replaced by our new favorite place for steak now!

The New York Strip (14 oz. for $40) was also very good, perfectly cooked, very little fat, a nice cut of quality steak.

N.Y. Strip Steak

It turned out to be a little too big with the app, salad, wine, bread, etc.  Would be almost big enough to share.  The Range does have a $6 plate charge for split orders though.  The NY Strip was also topped with two with two potato gaufrettes on top.  From the best I could tell these were thin fried potato chip-like creations.

Steaks can be topped with choices of sauce (no additional charge):

  • Mushroom Demi-Glace
  • Classic Bearnaise
  • Jack Daniel's Peppercorn Demi

You can also add steak enhancements of:

  • Oscar-Style (Alaskan King Crab and Classic Bearnaise) $6
  • Maytag Bleu Cheese  $4
  • Pepper Encrusted    $3
  • Blackened           $3

We assumed since sides were listed ala carte on the menu that nothing accompanied the steaks. We should of asked or perhaps the server might of been nice enough to let us know otherwise. Both kinds of steak were served with a nice but small mix of seasoned green beans, squash, carrot, diced potato. The filet mignon was also served on top of a puff pastry.  Had we known the veggie mix was included we would of most likely passed on the Au Gratin Potatoes($7) we ordered.

Au Gratin Potatoes

Two potato gaufrettes topped the NY Strip as well.  Still we were happy we did order the Au Gratin side as it was delicious, very creamy with just enough cheese.  Luckily we split one because the side was big. We have found that in most Steakhouses that offer sides ala carte splitting it is the way to go because of the portion size.

Two people in our group added the Lobster Tail ($30) to their steak order turning it into a surf and turf.

Filet Mignon and Lobster Tail

The Lobster was called the best they have had in a long time and definitely the best they have had in Laughlin. The tails were much larger than others we have had and were served out of the shell (a nice touch) with just the tail section still attached.  They also offer a two lobster tail entree served with a lemon butter fondue for $62.

For dessert we split the Range Signature Chocolate Souflee ($9)  This is rich and delicate at the same time.  It is served with either a carmel frangelico sauce or white chocolate crème de menthe on the side.
Signature Chocolate Souffle 
We went with the carmel and it paired perfectly with the chocolate of the souffle.  The menu said these are made fresh by the Range Pastry Team. Due to the time they take to prepare they ask you to let your server know when you order your entrée if you want one. Our only complaint about it was we were still not finished with our main course when the server brought out the souffle.  It turned out alright as it didn't drop very much by the time we finished, and it was still hot.  They really should time it better to get it out after diners have finished their dinner.

This was our first visit and we really enjoyed the meal and the atmosphere. This is the place to go if you want steak or lobster in Laughlin.  Prices are a bit higher than most other local restaurants but worth it for a special occasion or if you want a really nice dinner.  The chef has several other specialties on the menu that look tempting to try.  The Range has a classic steakhouse look inside and we had a great view with a window seat overlooking the Colorado River.  Service was excellent and friendly, with the only issue being the too fast souffle. Overall they did seem rushed because it was so busy.

Reservations are highly recommended, possibly even required to get in on a busy night. They were full when we arrived. You can reserve online at the Harrah's Laughlin website through Open Table or via the Open Table App on your smart phone. Current hours are daily 5-9 PM.

The menu also asks that there be no substitutions when ordering.

All prices listed in this review were as of the time of dining and are subject to change by the restaurant.  All prices are also the Total Rewards Card member price.  Cards are free to sign up for at the Casino and give you slight discounts on select menu items at certain restaurants.

We will definitely be back to the Range Steakhouse.

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  1. Wow! Glad to know that you were finally able to try the Range Steakhouse. I'm even more glad to know that the resto lived up to your expectations. The filet mignon and lobster tail definitely look delicious. I can tell you enjoyed it, just by looking at the photos. Hahaha! Thanks for the review. All the best! :)

    Harvey Clark @ Ziryab