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Feb 28, 2014

Prime Rib and a Burger at the Regency

Prime Rib and a Burger at Daniel's Restaurant in the Regency Casino
Laughlin, Nevada

A group of three of us were going to go to the Outback but there was an hour wait (good thing we didn't get in as they had a bad health inspection days before we were not aware of). So, we headed down the Riverwalk a hundred yards or so to the Regency.  We kept hearing rave reviews about the Prime Rib at the Daniels (in the Regency Casino) so we figured this was a great time to try it. There was no wait to get in, about half the tables in the small restaurant were filled. 

Two of us ordered the Prime Rib, the regular cut, priced at $15.99. This included a salad or soup, veggies, a potato, and dinner roll. We were tempted to go for the King cut, which was $22.99. The other diner ordered a Western Burger with curly fries.  Our waitress, Amy, was wonderful, refilled drinks, very friendly. 

This is the pic the Regency uses to advertise their Prime Rib - obviously a King Cut

This is what we were served, a regular cut.

One person declared the Prime Rib to be "amazing" and one of the best they ever had. He wished he had got the thicker king cut.  This regular cut was a bit thin. The other one thought it was just good, not the best ever.  It was cooked just right (medium), but seemed to lack a bit of flavor.  

So, one person said they would come back again for the Prime Rib and the other said if they did it wouldn't be for the Prime Rib but only for the Burger special.  Either way the Prime Rib definitely was better than anything you can get at the various Laughlin Buffets, and better than the one we had at Outback in the past. It couldn't beat the one at Saltgrass Steakhouse in the Golden Nugget though. For the price it was a good value. 

The side of mixed veggies: corn, carrots, peas, and some very think green beans seemed canned-like.  The salad was ok, but basic iceberg and looked a bit sad. The burger was delicious as ever.  

The western burger was messy though, as expected.  For $9.99 it was a good deal but not as good as on Wednesday's when they are half price. 

Overall we still love Daniels in the Regency and highly recommend the burgers and Taco Tuesday, plus their great breakfast specials. 

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