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Aug 7, 2014

Coach, E-Juice and a Food Court

Laughlin, NV

Expensive handbags, a Vape Lounge and Food have nothing to do with each other.  Except that they two of them are new at the Laughlin Outlet Mall and the other one (the Food Court) is still hanging on.

Update:  1-26-2015   The Coach Outlet at the Laughlin Mall has closed.   Workers were removing the shelving and the sign indicated to visit their location in Las Vegas.

The new Coach outlet is now open.  It is located on the immediate left as you go up the escalator from the food court.    We did a walk by today. They seemed busy.  Actually, most of the other stores had no one in them, so comparatively Coach was extremely busy.  Prices seemed comparable to other Coach outlets (or so I was told by those who know such things).  Selection seemed pretty good.  We expect it will be very popular in Laughlin.  

As we were rounding the mall we noticed another new "store".  Just what Laughlin and Bullhead City need another one of-- a vapor lounge. Wondering how long this will last in this location.  If we liked to gamble (and we do)....we know where our money would be. 

XTC Vapor Lounge

Don't Hate!!  Just Vape!!      This is their slogan.  ????  We don't get it but ok. 

Looks like they have some seating, a table and chairs, a carpet, and the sign says 100+ flavors of USA made, Premium E-Juice.   Even we prefer another kind of juice, we wish them well.

Meanwhile, back down to the food court it was good to see Mia's Pizza was still open.

The Rice Garden is still there (and is the oldest Laughlin food court tenant).

Kappatrami seems to now also be offering breakfast and Mexican food.  Neither of which we have tried.

The other three spots at the food court remain empty.   The food court has free wifi.



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