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Aug 8, 2014

Hand of Faith Discoverer Passes Away

We are "filthy rich”  Kevin Hillier told his wife Bep as he started to uncover the Hand of Faith gold nugget. 

His discovery came on September 26, 1980 near Kingower in Victoria, Australia.  He found the nugget aided by a metal detector. At the time of the find the nugget was in a vertical position just a foot below the surface.

He later sold that nugget to the Golden Nugget for over a million dollars.  

Sadly, earlier this spring Kevin Hillier has lost a battle with cancer. He passed away the evening of Thursday 15th May, surrounded by his loving family.

The Hand of Faith Gold Nugget
This gold nugget actually carries two distinctions: "the largest gold nugget found by a metal detector" and "the largest gold nugget currently in existence".  

If you are lucky enough to be in the right Golden Nugget Casino you can view the actual Hand of Faith Golden Nugget found by Kevin Hillier.  The question is where is it?   Learn more here. 

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