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Aug 23, 2014

Famous Lion's Share Slot Finally Hit

As seen via various tweets on Twitter....including the MGM Grand account, Norm Clarke (Las Vegas Review Journal) and the slot machine's own twitter feed.:

The famous, or infamous, Lion's Share Slot Machine at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas finally paid out it's progressive jackpot in the amount of 2.4 million. 

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According to the tweet from Norm Clark (above), a couple, Walter and Linda Misco of New Hampshire won the jackpot.  

We will miss taking a shot and losing our traditional 60 to 100 dollars each trip to Vegas.   Last time we went the lines were too long and we didn't get to play. Our last attempt was in July, the jackpot was $2,389,021 at that time. (see pic below)

The jackpot the last time we played. 

Congrats to the winners, shown below with the three lions lined up on the center line (photo from MGM Grand)

The big question is  do the winners get to keep Lion's Share machine as a souvenir (as was rumored)?

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