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Aug 28, 2014

Slow but Steady Face Lifts in Laughlin

Laughlin, Nevada

By local terms we are still newcomers in Laughlin. Having lived in cities and towns big and small, all over the country, we are still sometimes surprised by the slow pace here in Laughlin. This isn't a bad thing, this is just how it is.  One of the reasons we love Laughlin is that it is not Las Vegas or even a mini-Vegas as it is sometimes called.   Progress and new things come about very slowly.  Perhaps that makes us appreciate them more when they happen.  Time crawls along as restaurants replace old ones that closed, burned out light bulbs are changed, flash flood debris is cleared, and Casinos make changes to their brand.

People have said the iconic Cowboy sign at the Pioneer Casino has not been fully operational going back to 2005 and beyond.  We know in the past half a decade he has looked like a grotesque burned out relic instead of the mascot of the Casino. We were even getting tired of pointing it out.  Then out of nowhere he heard he was almost fully lit up.  Not completely but much better.  Now, this morning a huge crane and maintenance people were working on him again.   Let's hope this is the final phase and he is restored to what he once was.

Meanwhile, over at the Golden Nugget the slow face lift of the entrance continues.  They redid and reconfigured their Casino floor.  A new players card and system was installed.  The revamping of the main entrance and awning has been in the works for over 9 weeks.  At least this is when we first noticed it.

Although we don't get to the Golden Nugget Laughlin often, we have seen a long transformation in the work. As you can tell from our Instagram pics:  

Casino entrance at the Golden Nugget Lauglin this week

At one point two weeks ago it looked complete (the picture below), only for it to be torn up and worked on again this week (pictures above).

Before that, going back 9 weeks, it was in various stages of a face lift. 

3 weeks ago

3 weeks ago

9 weeks ago

We can't wait to see what the final look is!

Over at the Tropicana Laughlin more new changes are happening.

Because the River Palms is closing and there will no longer be Bingo, Tropicana is putting in a brand new Bingo Hall right off the Casino Floor.  This will be in the area where the Players Club used to be.  The Players Club has relocated to the Cashiers Cage area.

They are also doing work and enhancing or expanding their outdoor Victory Plaza area that runs right along Casino Drive. 

Plus there is the ongoing beautification of Casino Drive is beginning slowly and is set to run into November.

We are happy to see some of the management, the town representatives, and the Casinos take ownership and pride in the image and ultimately the economics of Laughlin.

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