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Aug 25, 2014

Titan 360 Slot Lands in Laughlin

Laughlin, Nevada

Just this week the Aquarius Resort Casino added the "Titan 360" slot machine to the Casino Floor.  

Aquarius Casino Resort Facebook Announcement
The Titan 360 is a 12 ft. high round monster of a slot machine.  It has 8 slots/seats that are all connect to the center play area. The game is not only very big, it is very loud.  When someone gets in the bonus round everyone nearby stops to check it out.  

Titan 360 Bonus Round 

When the bonus feature is activated, a large metal ball spins around and ultimately falls into a slot on the huge roulette wheel. This determines the bonus win.  Progressive jackpots of mini, major, and maxi can also be won.  Game choices are your standard Konami selections such as China Shores, etc. Even though it is considered a penny slot, the minimum bet is 50 cents and goes up to 5 dollars for the max bet.  Increases in the bet size also increases the jackpot that is eligible for that spin.     

Titan 360 Bonus Round
The Aquarius Casino announced on Facebook that they have one of the only two Titan 360 slots in the state of Nevada.  We have seen and played this machine at the Quad (soon to be the Linq) and the Venetian in Las Vegas.   As of mid August there still was a Titan 360 at the Quad. Konami released this game in July of 2013.   

We are making an assumption based on Aquarius saying there are only two in the state, that the one at the Venetian is no more.   We had last seen that one sometime in early January (2014).   Vegas Chatter had posted about it being available at the Venetian in November of 2013.

When we played it in Vegas for a short time we did hit for about $100 in a bonus round. Most of the bonuses we saw won though were 10 or 20 dollars.   The regular payoffs on the actual slot game without the bonus is typical of the other Konami games.  Perhaps a bit less due to the take of the progressives.  

Although we have not had a chance to play it yet in Laughlin at the Aquarius, a reader of Laughlin Buzz sent us the above pictures and this video clip of the bonus.  In just a few short days after being there, someone hit the Major Bonus.   See the video clip below.

Even if you don't win a jackpot, the Titan 360 is something different, fun, loud and entertaining to try.

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  1. You are correct, The Venetian no longer has the Titan 360.

    1. Syvmartel, thank you. So, thinking is Laughlin inherited the machine that was formerly at the Venetian.