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Feb 6, 2014

A visit to Riverside Heritage Park

Riverside Heritage Park - Revegetation Site
Bullhead City, AZ, right after the Laughlin-Bullhead City Bridge

Crossing into Bullhead City from Laughlin you will pass by and perhaps not even notice this little park on the Colorado River.   We had not stopped there in a year or so and it looks much different than the last time. Much of the trees and brush appeared to be cleared.  Wider paths exist now and they look like they had recently been cleared and somewhat landscaped. 

This little park is popular with people who enjoy the river in the summer and for fisherman.  Not to mention the occasional homeless "camper".   

Bullhead City needs to re-do their sign

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The open area of the park is almost right next to the bridge.  When the water is low at times you can almost go under the bridge.   This picture below was one we took in 2012.  It shows the park area and how low the water was on that day.   

Tres Amigos Trail

We aren't sure who Stan, Lester and Shelby are but apparently this is their trail. 

The wide path to the left that runs along the River separated by vegetation.

To the left as you are walking the path they have 
recently cleared the area leading to the drainage spillway up by Highway 95.  

Trail/Path leading up to the River

The Riverside is on the opposite side from the park area

When we visited there was just one table and a odd shaped tree stump

To access the Riverside Heritage Park from Laughlin:  
Cross the bridge and get in the right lane, toward Bullhead City.  

Turn right onto Hwy 95 and the dirt road is almost an immediate right just before the large Welcome to Bullhead City sign.  The dirt road goes right down to the parking area where the picnic table is.

You can also walk across the bridge over the Colorado River.  
This is a great view down the river at the Casinos and Hotels. 

Just a word of caution, the park is safe but aware of your surroundings.  Especially in the early morning or evening. We have at times encountered a few homeless people sleeping or under the bridge. Often, as on this day, we have seen little camping areas, shoes, or clothing left behind. While most of them are harmless and won't bother you, just be safe and respect their privacy.  It is very sad that just across the river millions of dollars are gambled away and become profits for the Casino while some people have no roof over their head.  

From the looks of the park it might be a work in progress.  We are going to check our older files and see if we have some pictures of what it used to look like.  If we do we will share them. 

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*All content of this blog post is based on our own personal experience and is presented for informational purposes only.  All pictures were personally taken by Laughlin Buzz. Feel free to share our photos, however, if you do we would appreciate a mention or attribution.  

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