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Feb 25, 2014

The Laughlin Way?

Laughlin, Nevada

If you have read our blog or visited LaughlinBuzz.Com you may have noticed one of our pet-peeves is the lack of maintenance of the signs at the Pioneer Casino.  Here is the post that started it all. 

Last week we shared pictures and hopes that the signs and River Rick at the Pioneer Casino were being fixed.  See 

So far it looks like they have worked on it and managed to get two letters lit up.  The sign went from "HO BLING" to "HOTE BLING".    

 Before and After Photo

When we were on our way to the Golden Nugget yesterday (midday on a Monday) we noticed the lift sitting unused in the grass, the wooden logs of the fence replaced with very attractive yellow caution tape, and no workers anywhere.  

It's a rental from Home Depot, put it to use!

The base of the sign had been repainted

Now for a bit of our "opinion": 

It seems around here progress is slow, things take time, projects are started and left at length.  Why start and not have a timetable and be prepared to finish it promptly.  For some properties around here this is the "Laughlin Way" of doing things.   Yes, nothing like a big project can be done immediately but it just looks bad and reflects poorly on the look and image of Laughlin when things are left unfinished. 

We look forward to seeing what (and when) this work is complete at the Pioneer Hotel and Gambling Hall.

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