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Feb 14, 2014

Minato passes re-inspection with 9 demerits

Last week we reported that the Minato restaurant in Laughlin received 40 demerits in a January Health Inspection.  Just one more demerit would or resulted in being closed down by the Southern Nevada Health Department.

On a re-inspection on 2-11-14 they got back to an A grade but still had 9 demerits.  The 9 demerits were violations related to "Food protected from possible contamination during storage and preparation".

Not good ones to get regardless of the A grade.  Especially when we are talking about fish and sushi.

Action 13 News from Las Vegas regularly does a "Dirty Dining" feature and usually they are on Vegas restaurants.   When they heard about Minato they sent a reporter to Laughlin to try to speak to someone. They got very little in the way of answers and were asked to leave.  

 Violations from the original inspection included but were not limited to:

  • An employee cutting green onions with bare hands. 
  • Raw salmon, raw tuna and cut produce stored at unsafe temperatures.
  • Prepared foods in the walk-in cooler were not labeled. 
  • Evidence of dumping in the hand-sink.
  • Tempura Mix left open.
  • Gasoline can stored next to food containers.

The SNHD inspector report also wrote up Minato because the person in charge on that
day was not knowledgeable about food safety or proper temperatures.

 Photo from video by 13 Action News
See all the pictures and the Dirty Dining story and video by Action 13 News here.

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*All content in this blog post are presented for informational purposes only and use data taken from the Southern Nevada Health District website and from the Action 13 news link reference.   We received no compensation from the properties or restaurants in this blog post and are not in any way affiliated with them.  

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