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Feb 23, 2014

River Palm Tree

Bullhead City, AZ, Laughlin, NV, Colorado River

When the Colorado River levels are normal, you may notice a lone Palm Tree that is growing in the River. On days the water level is low it is on dry land and you can sometimes walk out to it.  It is a nice walk along the river. 

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On the picture (above) you can see where the water level usually is when it is in the River.

Although you can't see it from the Riverwalk in Laughlin, someone has tied a yellow ribbon on it, just above the water line. 

Looking across the River with the Aquarius, Edgewater and Colorado Belle Casinos downriver.



This is a video we shot one windy day when the Colorado River was low. 

If you want to walk out to the Palm Tree, be safe and make sure you pick a day when the River is very low, and has been for a day or two.  This ensures the exposed river bed is dry and not mucky.  There is a small dirt parking lot down by the dock where the free boat ride departs (on the Bullhead City side of the river, across from Sam's Club).   It's not a long walk but is a fair distance.  Be aware you could encounter wildlife such as skunks or raccoons, fisherman, or even an occasional person "camping".   Enjoy the River, the view, and please respect the area leaving nothing behind (there are trash cans nearby). 

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