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Feb 2, 2014

Poki, the Desert Tortoise in Bullhead City

Bullhead City (Arizona) recently received a 2 ton Desert Tortoise, donated by a former winter visitor. The huge tortoise, named Poki, is right by the Bullhead Area Chamber of Commerce sign on Highway 95 at Community Park.

Already the statue is grabbing the attention of residents and visitors.  Every time we have driven by there are people stopping to visit and pose for pictures with the new Bullhead City representative. 

We popped in quick but even had to wait in line to grab a few pictures.  

Be kind and respect the Tortoise to protect it from damage. 

Bullhead City is just minutes from Laughlin, Nevada.  To visit the location of the Desert Tortoise, cross the Laughlin - Bullhead City bridge and turn left on Hwy 95 (also known as Mohave Valley Hwy).  Go about 2.5 miles, the park is on the right.  The sign and tortoise is easy to see just right next to the highway.   The park is located almost across the river from Harrah's Laughlin. 

Harrah's Laughlin across the River from Community Park in Bullhead City, AZ

Community Park
Read a full article about the Desert Tortoise statue and how it came to be at the current location.  

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