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Feb 20, 2014

"Signs" of Progress at the Pioneer

Laughlin, NV 
February 20, 2014

Pioneer Hotel and Gambling Hall 

Over the past two days we received pictures via Twitter that showed some progress on the fixing of the various problems with the signs and lighting at the Pioneer Casino.

First we got this one:

This is the first time in a long time this side of the large sign in front was almost completely lit up.

Here is how it looked the last time we were there.

Then we received a picture of a crane with a worker busy at the River Rick sign located on the Riverwalk.

Today we were at the Colorado Belle and wanted to take a walk to the Golden Nugget.  We thought this would be a good chance to see what was going on at the Pioneer at the same time.

First thing was the Riverwalk was blocked off with yellow tape by the River Rick sign.  

We assume this is temporary.  We had to backtrack up to the Casino and come back out on the other side to get to the Golden Nugget. 

They had many of the logs that make up the fencing out and on the ground to make room for the workers and crane.

There was a worker up on the crane but we could not tell if he was painting or replacing lights.  Time will tell what is being done. 

Another worker was on the ground painting the bottom (the large posts) of the sign. 

This work is a very good sign they are finally going to restore the look and feel of the signs at the Pioneer.  

If you visit the Pioneer and snap a picture of the signs, please share them with us 

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When we make another trip to the Pioneer we will report any new progress.

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