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Feb 21, 2014

Free Boat Rides to Riverside Casino

Free Boat Rides from Bullhead City, AZ to Laughlin's Riverside Casino.

Just across the bridge from Laughlin you can catch a free ride across the River to the Riverside Casino.  This boat (similar to the Water Taxi's) runs regularly during the day and evening.   Many employees use it, as well as other people to hop across the River to Laughlin.  The parking lot is located across from Sam's Club in Bullhead City.  It is almost directly across the Colorado River from the Riverside Hotel.  

This is a free ride, not to be confused with the regular Water Taxi service which runs from Casino to Casino. This one only goes from the Bullhead City dock to the Riverside. 

The boat heading across the River

About to reach the Riverside Casino

The Laughlin Bullhead City Bridge in the background.  
Colorado River water levels are low in this picture. 

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  1. We have used it to cross the river and walk to the IHOP.