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Feb 20, 2014

Loading Dock Bar and Grille is Open

The Loading Dock Bar and Grille in the Colorado Belle opened quietly today.  This was a soft opening.   We are sure a grand opening will be announced soon.  Even though the final touches on the Riverwalk are not quite complete, the restaurant was open and serving. 

Entrance to the Loading Dock from the Casino Floor at the Colorado Belle

We didn't have time to stop in but we did manage to grab a few quick pictures.   

The layout looks very nice, with plenty of space and even outdoor seating right on the Riverwalk.  

Outdoor patio on the Riverwalk

Open but still a bit of work going on outside
It looks like there will be an outdoor bar.  They already have the pre-mixed drinks in the machines.  Perhaps this will be similar to the old Chill Bar.    Again, there seems to still be a bit of work to go before this is up and running. 

We aren't sure what this is going to be (below) but they have been working on it right at the point of the Riverwalk directly across from the rest of the Loading Dock. 

You can get into the Loading Dock from the Parking Lot side of the Casino, by using a door right here.  It comes into the Casino right by the restaurant. 

There is some new carpet. 

When we get a few chances to try the menu we will share our thoughts.  Meanwhile here is a link to the menu at the Loading Dock Bar and Grille.   View Menu  

The menu is fairly extensive with many different choices.  Prices are about in line with similar restaurants of this quality, but may be a bit high for Laughlin.  This remains to be seen. 

Surprisingly, they also have a Buffet in the Loading Dock.   Breakfast Buffet runs from 7am-11am and is $7.99.  This does include coffee but not other beverages, which will be extra. 

They also have a Dinner Buffet that starts at 4pm.  $13.99 Sunday-Thursday and $17.99 Friday and Saturday.   They feature a carved prime rib on Wednesday and Chicken and Ribs on Thursday (sort of like the old Mark Twain's that was upstairs at the Colorado Belle?). 

With the new Buffet in the Loading Dock opening, the Captain's Buffet upstairs is now closed. 

Hours of Operation
Sun-Thur 7am-midnight
Fri-Sat 7am-2am

If you have visited the Loading Dock and would like to share a review or just a comment let us know below. Guest reviews are always welcome!

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  1. Love going to Pints at the Belle, and was looking forward to trying the Loading Dock Bar and Grille. My wife and I were expecting a really nice Bar and Grille. Turns out it is a Buffet with a Bar stuck in it. If I am going to pay $30 for a Rib Eye or $15 for a Sandwich, I would prefer to sit in a nice Restaurant like Salt Grass as opposed to a Buffet. Not what we hoped for, but we will continue to be regulars at Pints.

  2. Thank you for the comment. They have a big menu but we were surprised to hear they included a buffet. When you think of a "Bar and Grille", the last thing you expect is a buffet is there. And we agree the prices are a bit higher than we expected to see. We are still looking forward to checking it out.