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Feb 16, 2014

Winter on Laughlin Riverwalk-pictures

It was partly cloudy by in the 80's with just a slight breeze.  Perfect winter day. 

Random pictures from the Laughlin Riverwalk. 

The Colorado River levels were back up from earlier in the week

We stopped and had a martini at the bar in the Cove Bar and Lounge at the Aquarius.  Great drinks. While is is not for everyone, the Pineapple Upside Down Cake Martini is tasty. Good appetizers here, which come from the Vineyard restaurant.   See one of our earlier reviews here. 

The Splash lounge (located at the back of the Casino) is under construction, re-opening in April of 2014.

Stopped and picked up the oddest comp we have seen in awhile.  A free pack of Smokin Joes,  Non-smokers so we gave them to someone on the Riverwalk shortly thereafter. 

McDonalds sign, just because we passed it on the way to the Riverside Resort Casino. 

For fun, whenever we pass by the old machine in the hallway between the smoking and non-smoking sections of the Riverside we through whatever quarters we have in our pocket in the Win Silver Coins Machine.  In three years we have never hit the silver!   One of these days.....

Today on the second pull of the handle a coin popped out, featuring Don Laughlin himself on the front. 

 Surprised to see this slot machine below.  Wondered if there is a big demand for these at the Riverside?    

The Riverside has it's own beer. Riverside Light.   The alternative thirst quencher to what?  Haven't been brave enough to try one yet. 

The palm trees by the Riverside entrance. 
In the parking lot we were surprised to see a Fatmobile, food truck from Fatburger (which is located in the Riverside).  It was parked.  Having never seen it in use, we think it might be just for hire for events.  Laughlin could use a food truck or two!

From there we played a bit at the Colorado Belle and Edgewater.   Saw the new Loading Dock Bar and Grille is getting closer to opening.  See more pictures here

The McDonalds at the Edgewater closed awhile ago and they ripped down the sign.  Still no replacement. 

As usual the ducks outside the Edgewater were hanging around. 

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  1. Stay away from the Riverside beer, been there. It's like a coors that was left out in the sun for a while. It's awful.